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Sunidol Corporate offers flexible business & financial management services to clients.
The range of services available varies in scope from assisting with short term projects to providing support on an ongoing basis.
Our involvement is usually for a pre-determined period of time to complete a specific project or for an agreed number of days each month for as long as required. No assignment is too small, and if appropriate our time working with your business could be for less than one day.
Whether the requirement is to provide additional management resource with management responsibilities, or to develop or implement corporate strategy, prepare a business plan, forecast or cash flow forecast, implement a corporate restructuring, assist with an acquisition or disposal, raise funds, deliver a turnaround solution, manage cash flow and working capital including through challenging trading periods, manage external professional relationships including bankers, accountants, tax advisers and in extreme cases insolvency practioners, we have the necessary experience to deliver a successful outcome.
We will work closely with you, to ensure that we understand your business.
Our involvement can be be self-funding, perhaps through finding creative solutions to problems, or achieving equivalent cost savings or from driving business improvement and growth. 
By using our services, you can enjoy the benefits of having exposure to relevant senior business management at a fraction of the full-time cost of such experience.
Our flexibility
It is not our intention to replace your external advisers, but to work from within the business, supporting the owner and where appropriate the management team.
Every business is different, and we can tailor our services and fees to suit each set of circumstances.
Whether our services are needed for a minor project or on a regular basis, we can provide the flexibility required.  
Without exception, our charges will always be agreed in advance. We offer a number of different fee arrangements, including daily rates, fixed fees, capped fees and in certain circumstances for M&A activity on a success basis only.
We will always act in the client's best interests, and will only accept appointments if we are confident of adding value.